This year's competition will be on 3rd October 2015 and will be the 48th running of the Sussex Downsman Hike!

We have been thinking about some radical changes to the Downsman for a few years now. We've tinkered often in the past, but this time the changes are fairly major.

The main reason for the changes has been driven by the lack of teams starting at Buriton for the last few years. The lack of entries ties up almost as many staff as hikers for this 20 mile stretch.

The decision to change hasn't been taken lightly, and the new rules may need some further tweaking, so please provide as much feedback as possible to let us know how they have worked (or not) for you.

We very much hope that you will embrace the changes and reward us with additional entries!


Well, it's almost easier to tell you what hasn't changed this year. There are no changes to Class B. For every other Class, there are changes to various elements of the rules relating to start and finish locations, start times and number of members in teams. Please make sure you check to make sure you comply with the new rules. We have highlighted the changes on the page dedicated to each Class on this website.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. It will make sure we haven't forgotten anything.


If you are able to offer assistance with the running of the event, please get in touch with the organisers. We particularly need people willing to man a Checkpoint (especially owners of off road vehicles for the awkward ones).

Additionally, if your company would like to promote themselves through the event, please get in touch.


The 2014 event was another big success.

The winners were as follows:

Class A: No winner
Class B: Alpha Wolves, Glacier ESU - 13 hours 23 minutes
Class C: 272 Explorers - Black Cap (CP14) in 15 hours 28 minutes
Class E: Glacier ESU - 9 hours 53 minutes - a new record
Class E Mixed: No winner
Class S: Phoenix, 4th Uckfield - 5 hours 16 minutes
Class V: No winner

In addition, 19 teams completed the Open class

Full results are available on the link in the left margin.